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Mission Statement  
Leadership Team  
Quality, Safety
& Environment

Cascade Carriers sets the Standard for Safety and Service in the Pneumatic Trucking Industry.

Through focus on BRAND VALUES we create value for:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Shareholders

At Cascade our success is founded in and ultimately sustained by our commitment to a basic set of Brand Values and by following proven business principles.

Brand Values


Safety is the prime objective at Cascade. Success is not complete if our safety performance is below standard. Our commitment to safety is focused on two areas; a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and responsible use of the public highway system.

Our drivers are trained in all aspects of our operations. New drivers must pass a driving test and apprentice with an experienced professional driver. Regular safety meetings are held with presentations on current safety issues and include our senior managers as well as invited speakers from industry and major customer groups.

Operational Excellence
We strive to achieve a superior level of customer service by focusing on the goal of attaining "excellence in everything we do ". Meeting or exceeding our customers needs and continually improving our business processes are important to our current and future success.

Integrity is a cornerstone of long-term success. It serves as the foundation of our value system. Simply put: "if we say it - we do it".

People Focus
People are the key to achieving our goal of operational excellence. By investing in their future, we create an environment where sustainable success is possible.

Investing wisely in leading-edge technologies ensures that our people can be productive and our Company can maintain a cost advantage over our competitors. Our technology also assists in our safety awareness by allowing us to monitor vital safety statistics such as speed, braking, shifting, idling and time working.

This is accomplished by challenging our people to enhance their leadership skills and overall abilities through continuous training.
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