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Safety is the Number ONE priority at Cascade Carriers L.P.

We are committed to a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Our Safety Program encompasses a variety of areas that we feel enhance SAFETY not only within our own company but also in promoting road safety in the community at large.


  • Drivers interested in working in the oil patch must be qualified and hold current H2S Alive and First Aid certification.
  • Scheduled GODI and Smith Defensive Driving Course every three years for all drivers.
  • Personal protective equipment is worn at all times when on customer sites.
  • Equipment is maintained according to very high safety standards.


Cascade has embarked on our Quality Journey, adapted from “On the Road to Quality” program, a nationally recognized and award-winning program developed by the Mullen Group, which we are a subsidiary of. This program helps maintain a high-quality work environment for our people and continue to provide the highest levels of customer service with a commitment to continuous improvement.


Job specific and Safety Training is part of the orientation for all new personnel, and all our people are encouraged to continue to upgrade their skills, training and education. Annually we strive to achieve the goal of 20 hours training per person. The Business Management Certificate program, which was initiated by and continues to be sponsored by the Mullen Group, and is partnered with SAIT Polytechnic, has a high number of graduates within Cascade Carriers.




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