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Cascade Carriers L.P. runs a fully integrated operational software system that is manned 24/7 through our central dispatch center in Calgary, AB. This system flows through from order entry to invoicing and can be interfaced with our client’s applications.

This technology includes e-business solutions for customers. For example, Cascade Carriers has partnered with Lafarge in the use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) protocols to provide bill of lading, weights, shipping and loading information.

Our information technology extends to the cab of our trucks through the use of a satellite communication system, linking our drivers with our clients. We have transformed our trucks into mobile information centers. We utilize GPS satellites to track vehicle locations, provide timely updates on customer inventory, transfer load data and monitor vehicle performance real time.

Our customers have the option to trace their shipments on–line, anytime via the Internet.

We work closely with our customers on implementing and integrating new technologies. We are not simply a valuable supplier to our clients – we are strategic partners in helping them effectively manage their supply chain.

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